Things that SUCK about Widowhood

As I’ve repeated often, the transfer from single woman, to married woman, to widow, has not been an easy one, but the latter is by far the hardest transition of my life. There are things in our marriage that I think, wow, I took advantage of having that, because little did I know it would be gone so soon. Some of the things that suck about widowhood…… a sad, yet slightly humorous way.

-Foot rubs. I don’t know HOW I got Kevin to do it, but almost every night that sweet man would rub my feet. Girls, if you can get a guy to rub your feet, he’s a KEEPER!

-Alarm Clock. I’m a snoozer. Yes, I typically hit my snooze alarm about a minimum of three times. I don’t know how I got into this horrible act, but I am definitely not a morning gal unless it’s something fun to go to (aka, not work). Kev would usually come down before he left for work to make sure I was awake and hadn’t slept through the fifth snooze alarm.

-Vacation Partner. Who likes travelling alone? I mean, sometimes it’s neat exploring new places on your own, but most times, it’s much nicer to share it with someone else. Not to mention, I had someone to navigate! (he ALWAYS made me drive!)

-Chef. I can’t cook. I guess that’s a phrase I adopted long before the fact that I actually was forced to learn a total of 5 standard dishes that I make for myself. I never cook outside the lines. I never had to when I was married because, yes people, he did ALL the cooking. In fact, when I tried to help, I usually got harassed so much at my pathetic attempt to help at cooking, that I just got angry and stormed out of the kitchen anyways. (ahh, that was the source of some little tiffs!) So now, I’ll stick to my Baked Haddock with Steamed Veggies, Salsa Chicken, Turkey Spaghetti (A Kevin recipe), Chicken with pasta bake, and….eggs. 🙂

-Handyman. Let’s face it, despite being a carpenter’s daughter, I’m not very good with a screwdriver. I can get by, but that’s about it. Kevin was learning the HVAC trade and was definitelyhandier than I was. I do more of “rig up” jobs, whereas Kevin would fix it properly. I miss having someone to go to with mechanical issues, especially with the Jeep noises!

-Lotion Applicator. While it’s fine to have friends and family slather your back with sunscreen or aloe after you’ve burnt (not that I ever get burnt, hehe), it’s so much better having your hubby do things like that. Their hands know just where to go to make sure your covered.

These are just some of the things that suck about widowhood. Not to mention a whole SLEW of other things, but it’s these little things that were so big to me in my life. Never really realized it until he was gone.

Just another word of advice to all of you-NEVER take advantage.

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