Life tends to go in threes.  It has usually done so for my family, and I have been its bitter grateful recipient.  When Kevin died, within 6 months I lost an angiosarcoma friend, and my grandfather.  Three.  Whenever something has broken in my family, (i.e. washer), the refrigerator and kitchen sink went with it.  Is your life this way too?

My boy drove home my new to me motorcycle, this little gem:

He was excited about it, as was I!  After investing a little money to get it inspected and running, with a new seat and all, I was ready to get it on the road since I recently received my motorcycle license!  But when he got it home, oil was leaking everywhere.  After letting it sit in frustration, and then googling to get some answers, I was hoping it was merely overfilled with oil.  It wasn’t.  So, now it’s back at the shop.

Yesterday, my purse strap broke.

I got home from work, after that happened, booted up the computer, only to be given a scary green screen, then a shutdown.  Oh no.  I hope to GOD I backed up my most recent editing of the memoir.  Sad part?  I don’t think I did.  I hope I did, I hope I did, I hope I did.

I freaked out thinking “but then I can’t work on my memoir”.  I haven’t touched the memoir in nearly a month.  So why worry?  So then I laughed.  I wasn’t even that angry at the computer.  I’ve had computers die on me more than a dozen times (I’m a PC, I know, I know), and it’s just something that happens.  I’m more annoyed that I can’t access my anally driven budget!

So now I’ll wait, and hear about the cost of repairs on the bike, how long it may take my brother to fix my computer (rocks having a computer techy bro) and I switched to an old purse.  It’ s just how life goes sometimes.

I hope my next set of threes are all good things.  I can only hope some of the meetings I’ve had in the past few weeks will lead to that…

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