To the Gate

This was posted on the widow support group that I joined online…thought it was really cool and touching..

Remember the days when we would take family
members to the airport and wait at the gate until they
left? And when they returned, we’d meet them at the
gate, not curbside or in the baggage claim area.
The concept of “walking to the gate” symbolizes the
way we should approach life and death. Today’s newborn is
“met at the gate” by his father in the delivery room, not in
the waiting room. We should do the same for the dying.
We walk our loved ones to the gate when we bring
them home to die. We walk them to the gate when we let
them know we will be with them. We finish our unfinished
business when we say what needs to be said.We cry with
them and for them, and we hold their hands as we walk
them to the gate.
David Kessler

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