Top 5 Travel Shoes for Women

When I came home from a 4-day weekend in Las Vegas, NV, my feet, back and knees were throbbing for days after. Wanting to be fashionable in the land of milk and honey, I did not pack even one pair of sneakers. It was the biggest travel mistake I have ever made.There in a fine line between comfort and style. While I would love to wear my green Crocs all over town, they just do not go with a long black jersey dress, or even trendy capris. I have been itching to find comfort while traveling, and the best way to do that, is to find the perfect shoe.

I have found one of the best shoes for everyday occasions, is through the company G.H. Bass ( Locally, we have a Bass Shoe Outlet, which I recommend if you do not mind last year’s styles, with big discounts. However, if you are not local to an outlet, shopping online is handy as well. One of the best styles to wear with jeans, for comfort, is the Aberdeen. With a flexible sole that is environmentally friendly, it comes in Black and Cocoa for a stylish “mary jane” style flat that looks great with slacks or jeans. They are easy to slip on and off for airport screenings and can be dressed up or dressed down. The retail value is $69.00.

I mentioned before that my everyday Crocs do not go with all outfits. Well, for Crocs lovers everywhere, they have come to Women’s rescue with their heels. Yes, Crocs Heels. Do not laugh; they are actually comfortable and trendy. I purchased a pair of the Cyprus heels this past summer in silver, and have not been disappointed. The first time wearing out, my feet did have to adjust to the typical plastic-y feeling of Crocs, but after a few wears, they have become a favorite accessory to my dressy work attire. Retailing for $49.99 and available for purchase online at, this strappy heel is available in a variety of colors and look great with skirts, pants or dresses.

The majority of women like pink, and if that’s you, then you need a great sneaker for walking around and touring all over the world. If you are like me, I hate the traditional sneaker. While I love my Under Armour shoes, I like something I can slip on quickly when running out the door. Nike USA has a great shoe called Air Rift that comes in pink, silver, black and even red. With a Velcro style strap that doesn’t look cheap, they retail for $88.00 and offer a lightweight, comfortable alternative to the traditional sneaker so you will look stylish and be comfortable while playing tourist. Visit for purchasing details.

While not for everyone, shoe styles such as Emu boots or Uggs have become quite popular. They are warm, great for winter, and very trendy. I hate spending beau-coup bucks on footware, so a great alternative are Timberland’s Mukmuks. Offering in Brown, Black, or Wheat, they retail for $90.00 on If you are traveling this winter or to a cooler climate, consider these cozy boots that are easy to get on and off, and will leave you in comfort all day long.

For those without a budget, the search for women has always been the comfortable pump. For a nice evening out on a cruise, or touring the quaint towns of Eastern Europe, you need that everlasting comfortable pump. Cole Haan has paired with Nike Air technology to develop just that. Offered from $130.00 to $280.00, you can purchase a pair of Cole Haan Air pumps, sandals, and a variety of other styles to suit your comfort. Visit for many different styles and colors.

Whether you are doing a cruise of the Caribbean, or heading to a glacier in Alaska, there are many great travel shoes available to bring you comfort, ease, and style. Keep your eyes open for local outlets, sales, and discounts to find comfort at the best deal.

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