Trust to Empowerment

Trust is fickle (been itching to use that word).  We give it.  We tell people they need to earn it.  We test it.  We take it away.  We use it to manipulate.  To taunt.  We question it.

I don’t know why I lacked trust after Kevin died.  Kevin never did anything to ruin my trust.  I lost my trust in life and dreams though.  Death pretty much ruined my ability to trust what I expected out of life and what I could control in life; which is nothing by the way.

So why should we trust?  Why risk it?

Because love is worth it.

Dreams need to be pursued in order for great things to happen.

Trusting someone means empowering them to achievement.

The more we trust, the greater power we give one another, which isn’t a bad thing.  Trusting someone isn’t giving them the power to hurt you or the power to ruin something.  Trusting someone says to them that you see them, their feelings, their skills, as a worthwhile investment.  When someone trusts me, it pushes me to do great things because they are giving me that opportunity.

Who are you trusting, or not?  Why?  What are so afraid of?

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  1. I don’t trust people in general. I am one who needs to be shown that a person is trustworthy. As far as trust in life…I trust myself to do what is best for me and me alone.

  2. Do you feel like not trusting others leaves you unfilled in relationships? For me, it would.

  3. I feel like I often trust too much and get hurt and yet I keep coming back for more. :/

  4. I believe in trusting and getting hurt. It’s never a fun experience, but I do learn from it, and I rarely regret building those relationships in the overall scope of things.

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