Upgrade to the Triple J Cancer Squad

As many of you have read previously, I’ve somehow adopted a “Triple J Cancer Squad” of 3 people (all names beginning with J) who are battling cancer at some stage. Well, I’m adding a 4th. So..it’ll now be renamed “Quad J Cancer Squad”

Here’s the update, as much as I can give for what I know…

Jennifer-Battling Angiosarcoma-She’s stable from what I understand, but is having trouble healing from her surgeries.

Jerry-Battling Esophagael Cancer-I haven’t gotten an update in a while, but I know he’s battling deep depression, and took Kevin’s passing quite hard, as they had cancer in the same area (althought different types).

Julie-Battling Adenocarcinoma-She has gotten through her first round of chemo, will soon be heading for surgery, then more chemo. She feels like the lump has already shrunk and is anxiously awaiting positive reports from her doctors!

new to the team-Jason-Battling Liposarcoma. Another tumor was recently found, and there is so much uncertainty, especially since it’s sarcoma. Please lift him, and his mother Randi (who contacted me through facebook and has been following our journey), up as they determine the next step in the course of treatment.

Prayers and love to my Quad J Cancer Squad.

Also….Please remember to mail your cards to Hanna Garman, the little angel who has been given just weeks to live and wants to read MANY MANY cards. Continue to lift up the Russoniello’s on the sudden, extreme passing of their daughter.

The holidays are very tough for a LOT of people. In the midst of your celebrations, never forget to lift up those who are hurting, mourning, and battling. My thoughts, prayers and hopes are with you all.

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