Well, I just Don’t Know

Just when you think you can depend on sports to lift you up…oh wait. You can’t!

Poor Penn State, Poor Buffalo, Poor Winnipeg. Steelers…besides Penn Manor, you’re my only saving grace for this weekend in sports. And with Big Ben, I’m just not sure anymore. So please, put out the backup quarterback, and play with heart, not with money, PLEASE?!

That’s my pleading for today.

Today was ok-stayed in all day and had big breakfast with Linda, and then great Gondola pizza tonight with Linda and Ken. Watched a hilariously funny movie and just chilled. It was nice.

I’m ready to come back to Pa..and just move forward in some way, if it’s possible. Tomorrow will be hard, but good. I am looking forward to seeing all Kev’s friends…but it’s gonna be so hard, ya know?

Big love to our friends Hutch & Karen who *hopefully* got hitched today-I wish you YEARS of happiness together.

Love y’all..

And yes..I’m praising God in this storm. 🙂

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  1. While you’re pulling for the Steelers, add the Bears to your list! That’s MY team!

  2. was away all weekend so i had some catching up to do when checking in tonight. can’t wait to see you this week! hope you have a lovely time with linda and ken as you get ready to leave.

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