What Would He Be Doing Today?

This morning I got up fairly early for my 1/2 days (at 9, thats “early” for me, haha), and went to the gym. On the way, I picked up my usual cup o’ joe at Turkey Hill (It’s a standard Hazelnut 20 oz with an inch of french vanilla creamer and 1 packet of splenda). After the gym, I showered, and hit the road for stop number 2 at Turkey Hill for gas, and why not? More coffee!

Just as I was pulling off the Landisville exit of 283, I thought about something. Kev used to have his handy dandy Turkey Hill mug, and everyday, midday, he’d stop by and get his fill of black coffee, with TONS of sugar. Haha. I thought, sheesh, he’s never going to do that anymore. I’m never going to have to clean that mug of his anymore, the people at turkey hill aren’t going to see his friendly smiling face. He’s no longer going to jump in his old BRIGHT YELLOW Ford One Hour truck and head to his next HVAC repair.

It was a big hit. I’m finding more and more that it’s the simple things that he did, that we did, that seem to hit me the hardest. Just our daily routines of life. I’m finally starting to get a new routine in my life, and it feels so lacking, because it no longer includes him. It’s very hard to swallow that reality.

Some of the things I miss:

-The 3 times he would come downstairs to our apartment bedroom to make sure I was awake before he left

-Meeting him at the gym afterwork and finding him pumping iron with his favorite gym buddies

-Going the chinese buffet after a good workout

-Surf fishing trips last minute, cramming EVERYTHING into the little SRT-4

-Me being overjoyed at the snow, and him complaining that its not summer yet

-Forgetting who was supposed to water the plants and watching them wilt away

-His crticism when I was finally going to cook (he did most the cooking)

-HIs GOOD cooking and amazing BBQ

-His cute Canadian accent when it came out in full force at times

-How angry he would get watching sports

-Hours spent watching ’24’ marathons

-Date night to the movies

-Homemade cocktail nights with friends

…So many excellent memories, all of which I miss so very much.

I know what you would be doing today if you were here babe, but what am I supposed to do since you’re not?

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