When Hope Exceeds

I do not want this to happen again. I do not want to hear another story about a young couple dealing with a completely unexpected, and devastating cancer. I do not want to hear there are few options in treatment because there’s just “not enough research” or it’s “too rare”. I do not want someone else to have to fight like Kevin had to fight, and I do not want there to be another family left behind watching their loved one pass from a disease that kills many.

So that’s why I’m doing THIS.

I am so hopeful-we have about 40 “registered” attendees so far, and I imagine many more will just show up the day of the event. I have 75 t-shirts and 100 bracelets for those who come, and although I think it will stink those that don’t get there in time to get a T or bracelet, how awesome would it be to exceed that amount?

Now that I know that SOMEONE out there, some group in the medical world, has deemed Angiosarcoma worthwhile of warranting a $50,000 grant request, it just validates what I want to see in the outcome of the Team Sarcoma events. Not only would I LOVE to have that research grant APPROVED, but also be able to say “hey, my Team helped to fund that.” It would be so awesome.

I know the annulment of cancer is just a complete vague and ridiculous thought, but it’s a nice one nonetheless. I think of all those whose lives have been ridiculously affected by cancer, and I break. One man was just buried today after his ruthless battle with cancer, another friend battles on with the chemo in a race to beat the evil disease. More have passed, more will have to battle in the future, possibly you, possibly I.

I have a hope, a dream, to provide a voice to those who have gone from this world because of this terrible cancer, especially Sarcoma. I want to speak out for those who have been left behind, and for those in the future, that they may have more hope than we did. Not just hope, but options. Options are key.

Help join me, please.

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