Where’s the Bus?

I ask where’s the bus, because it has to be somewhere. I literally feel like I was hit by it! Things hurt in places they’re not supposed to, I’m all stuffy, I’m still exhausted (but that’s been happening) despite sleeping, and well. I hope I’m not getting sick. It may be time to try some airborne!

I am feeling a bit “better” compared to last night. After my break, I got online and chatted with some of the young widow support group online. It was nice to know people were still up and awake and supportive, and related! It’s a great respite for me to go to when I’m feeling that way.

It’s a rainy morning here in Conestoga, which makes me feel a bit down. It is ok though. I don’t have anything planned until later tonight, so maybe I’ll get some organizing done, or at least some phone calls. I have 2 important calls that should be made, but I’m not having much motivation to make them. It’s not 100% vital, but it would help if I made them. *shrugs*. When I feel up to it I guess. They’ll always be there.

I am excited to see a great friend tonight. We’re going to dinner and a movie. Sort of a date night with a girl friend! I’m going to see the new Bond movie. I still love Sean Connery as my number 1 bond boy, but I have to say that Mr. Craig is etching his way into the number 1 spot. He portrays an excellent Bond. James Bond. Haha.

Anyways, it should be fun. My brother and his fiancee are also joining us for the movie (midnight showing), so I pray I can stay awake. Good times ahead I pray.

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  1. Hope you enjoy the movie! Should be great. I totally agree with you about Daniel Craig…he IS etching his way to the number 1 spot. Unfortunately I don’t agree with you about Sean Connery…for me Bond is Pierce Brosnan :-).

    You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers…take care,

    Love Lynn.

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