Many times throughout my life, I have asked the question “Why?”. It’s a simple, one word question that so many of us raise at many different points for different reasons. It seems so simple, but it’s such a powerful question that oftentimes cannot be answered in any form. Thats whaat makes it so very frustrting. SO FRUSTRATING.

Despite how many times I can tell myself that I will probably NEVER know the answer until I get to heaven, it doesn’t make me want to ask that question any less. Why would I be chosen for this? Why was Kevin chosen to be taken so young? Why did our marriage only last 3 years?…so many questions, and NEVER enough answers.


This weekend was really nice. I had a great time skiing, and I was amazed I didn’t break anything. However, we only lasted in Wellsboro, Pa before they started calling for a foot of snow and we decided to leave before we would get snowed in. Disappointing to say the least, but we had a fun time “escaping” for the weekend.

Im thinking more and more about life….I’ve been given the opportunity to live this summer in Seattle to house-sit while a friend is on a navy deployment, and I am highy considering it. I have no cue how to work my job, school, and all those decisions I want to make, but this would be a great opportunity to just travel in the west, have a place to stay, and not be “stuck” anywhere. Again, my goals to not commit to anyting big for 1 year. I was already planning a road trip west during the summer, and this would just make it an extension. I’d take some time to visit friends in Montana, California, Manitoba, and maybe even BC and Alaska. Big decision to make, but I want to make it soon so i can plan properly. Pray for me as I think more about it….

so…the question of my life, is why? And now….why not?

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  1. Why? I ask myself the same question all the time.

  2. Bren,
    If you didn’t have it before, I know by reading through your thoughts in the last two months, what a keen perspective you now have on “life and death”. We all have the knowledge of life as mortal and there will come a day when we will no longer be here, but you are now so keenly aware of that-probably every second-and it’s bringing forth this “new life” in you in a way. That being said, this chance to take these trips, travel to all kinds of places-is a great way for you to get out there and live. As you said, why not?, and I think you know why you are asking that-because you of all people know how precious this life here on earth actually is.

  3. Amen to Mandie’s words!!!

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