You Never Know Who You Will Meet

After trekking to Philly and back for work, I wasn’t sure I was feeling settled and creative to be able to attend the Writers Support Group I helped to launch at our local library (Mountville Public Library).  I had only made it to 1 session myself, and the director of the library told me people had only asked about it but no one had showed up yet for the 2 & 4th Tuesday gatherings.  I decided I should go since I couldn’t make the next meeting due to being on my honeymoon (woot woot).

And tonight, I was blessed by attending. 

I met an amazing woman – she lives locally, but spent much of her life in Iran, her home country, Brazil and the UK.  She holds masters in English, Music, Psychology, and speaks many different languages.  She was a true spirit – she shared her writing with me, and we both teared up as she described her longing for her home country.  We talked about my loss, her loss, and how lives lead us down these strange paths.  She told me she has bone cancer, and I wanted to put up that wall.  I wanted to shield myself from getting to know her any better, but at the end of the night, she hugged me and wished me well on my honeymoon.

This woman didn’t know much about me, but she shared some great spiritual insight on God gifting our loved ones too us for a short amount of time.  She said she had explained this to her granddaughter, who was wondering how she would cope, if her Grandma were to die.  She didn’t realize that she was also giving me great comfort with this insight.

I never know who I am going to meet and how they will touch my life.  I meet new people every day in my job, and nearly every day I come home in awe at the amazing, powerful, joyous, and empowered people that walk on this earth.  I am truly blessed to be able to meet them and to discover bits and pieces of what makes them so interesting.

I’m going to continue working to have an open mind when I head into new experiences; I never know who I am going to meet.

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