You Will Not Be Forgotten – Supporting a Historical Project

Imagine your life having no marker on earth.  Buried in the ground and 100 years later, no one knows your body is there.  Passed away without a record of your life except for the ticket of sale for your body.

This is where my friend Andi comes into this scenario.  Andi lives in Bremo Bluff, Virginia.  When she first shared with me about the research she is doing for an upcoming historical book about the plantation on which she lives, I looked at the map.  I wasn’t aware of any significant historical event in this small Applachia town.  No one is, really, except for those who know Andi and now know of her project.

The significance of this plantation is fascinating.  Andi grew up on this land with only 3 marked stones and a scattering of unmarked ones signifying the death of the slaves that once lived there.  Exactly how many bodies are buried here?  Andi is trying to find out and digging beyond the grave for their stories.

There are 6 days left to Andi’s Kickstarter campaign.  Slews of projects get tossed in front of your view every year.  How do you determine where to support?

I ask you to consider supporting Andi’s project.  These stories have remained untold for over a century.  Every life deserves a record, and by Andi completing “You Will Not Be Forgotten” these lives can be remembered.

Please head over to her Kickstarter site and watch the video.  Tour the grounds of the plantation and get a taste of what stories she has to share.


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