Weird Times

These are weird times. But I’m grateful to not be alone in this. I’m amazed each day that I get to have a partner to struggle through this with. I’m happy for technology that can connect me to all of you: friends, family and people who have become both even though we’ve never met in

Cruel Covid

It’s no time to be cruel. This week I unfriended someone, a true rarity for me. I’ll go to many lengths before unfriending: debating, messaging privately, snoozing, unfollowing. But there was no question this time. I’ve come close to uninstalling Facebook on my phone and logging out all weekend. It’s a Pandemic. A time that

Continue Your Journey

We have another great adventure in the books. In mid-April I led a group of ladies throughout Louisville, Kentucky for a weekend of seeing the highlights around town. Bourbon tasting, tours of the Kentucky Derby and Louisville Slugger museums, candy and chocolate shops, derby hat shopping and wonderful meals. Every trip is exhausting and exhilarating