Ebb from the Shoreline: How I found hope in love, anticipation and loss is a memoir that tells the story of how I fell for an internet love over a thousand miles away, despite my prior dating history telling me to walk away.  As our love grew, we balanced our long distance relationship, battled U.S. immigration, fought through financial setbacks, and were finally smooth sailing when a rare cancer diagnosis forced us both to leave our jobs and rely on friends, family and faith to see us through an intense 4 month battle with cancer that ended in my husband’s death.

Awaiting Kickstarter project approval, a Kickstarter campaign will launch in late September running through October 28, 2008 to raise the $5500 minimum necessary to edit, publish, print and market the memoir to the general public.  You can learn more about the day to day goals by liking the Facebook Page or following on Google Plus.


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