Meet Our Group Tour Leaders

Emily Kimmett – Austin, TX

I love to travel, to explore, to learn! My late husband and I had so many plans to go to so many places…and then he died before we got to go to any of them. We were both fairly young when he was killed; I had just turned 29 and he was 28. We had planned to go to Spain “someday” when we had the time and money. Our someday never came. I decided not long after that I would rather have experiences and memories than things. I started saving and went to Spain alone, three years after he died. It was liberating, exhilarating, and empowering. I’ve been very fortunate since then to have jobs that included travel, most of the time solo. Work took me from Hawaii to Baltimore and many places in between. I went to London and Cyprus for a project and fell in love with London. Though it was a little disconcerting to be in new places, alone, I chose to embrace the opportunities to grow and learn, not only about new physical places, but also new places within me. I love encouraging others to explore this beautiful, marvelous world and by so doing, their beautiful, marvelous selves!

Teresa Massa – Milan, IL 

I am into my 21st month of my  widowhood journey. It has been a difficult journey but I have been trying to do many things to help with this time of change. I volunteer and of course travel. Travel has always been important to me. My late spouse and I traveled a lot during our years together, it was also something that we had planned on doing more of during retirement. Since we cannot now do that together I want/need to continue with that dream of going places and seeing things. I enjoy travel so much I chose a job that would allow me to travel. I love the excitement of going to the airport knowing I am off to new places and sights. I took my first solo travel trip with Widow Voyages and it was an amazing experience for me. I took another one again because of the positive first experience.  Before my husband passed away we had started to discuss and make plans for a Viking Ocean Cruise thru Norway. I now have planned that trip with another friend/widow. So my healing thru travel is continuing. I love to see new places and do new things. I love the excitement of planning and getting ready for travel. Having the love of flying also helps. I believe that started when I was young and my father having a small airplane that I used to go with him in.