10 of the Best Organic and Natural Sunscreens

Many of us are trying to incorporate more natural and organic products into our everyday lives. As we are approaching the hot, humid days of summer, one of our first concerns is a proper sunscreen to shield our bodies from the damaging UVA/UVB rays. For those of us making the switch to healthier products, here are my top 10 organic/natural sunscreens to incorporate into your summer routine.

Badger Spectrum SPF 30 Suncreen boasts 60% of organic ingredients in their sunscreen. Water resistant for up to 40 minutes, this leaves it at the bottom of the list. It does moisturize while protecting and is a good overall natural sunscreen.

UV Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen is great for those that want to live chemical free. UV Natural offers a biodegradable product and that is of utmost important to this Australia based company. The non greasy application allows women to wear their makeup over top of the sunscreen and is fragrance free.

Jason Natural Sunblock SPF 30 is a chemical free product that is safe for sensitive skin. Great for babies and adults, it contains ingredients that not only protect, but soften and smooth the skin.

California Baby SPF 30 is for adults and kids alike, especially those with sensitive skin. It is a chemical free product with green tea extracts to provide anti-oxidants that are vital for the skin.

Juice Beauty Mineral SPF30 tinted moisturizer is a great product to protect your face. It is chemical free and tinted by minerals to give your skin a sheer color coverage while providing SPF coverage.

The popular Burt’s Bees company offers a chemical-free sunscreen SPF 30 that offers skin hydration and sun protection. It is a natural sunscreen that is effective immediately when applied.

Supergoop SPF 30 is an organic sunscreen containing vitamins and minerals for the entire family. It is an eco-friendly product that does not do animal testing, and puts no artificial colors within their products. What’s great about this product, is you can buy it in bulk, which is great for busy families.

Soleo Organics SPF 30 sunscreen is chemical free and is only made of natural and organic products. It is great for people with skin sensitivities, people of all ages, and those who are conscious about health.

DDF Organic Sunscreen SPF 30 is made for people who are concerned about age fighting as well as sun protection and the environment. Containing powerful anti-oxidants, this protect protects against free radicals that damage the skin.

Alba Botanica Organic Lavendar Sunscreen SPF 30 is the number one product on the market today for using certified organic products, and choosing to infuse their sunscreen with great scents, ample sunscreen protection for up to 2 hours and low price.

Overall, there are many products on today’s market that offer excellent sunscreen protection while being natural or organic products. These are just a handful on what is becoming a powerful market.


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