A Guide to Buying the Best Outfits at the Best Bargains

I have been told many times that I have way too many purses and shoes. What girl doesn’t? But there’s a big difference between my 50 pairs of shoes, and the girl’s next door! Mine probably cost 75 percent less than hers. I once purchased a pair of gorgeous aqua-blue, faux-snake skin BCGG shoes for less than $10, and I bet you want to know how.

The first tip I can give you is to get over “in-season” clothes. The fact is, you can pay $50 for that shirt you love at Ann Taylor now, or you can wait 6 months for it to arrive at your local outlet store, where you can purchase it for a steal at $25. I always choose timeless over trendy pieces. We all love to be in fashion all the time, however, some trends are not worth picking up. Create your own style that is unique to your tastes and personality. This alone will save you tons of money and will keep everyone on their toes wondering what fabulous bargain you picked up.

There are some favorite stores of mine that everyone should embrace such as Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx, Ross’s: any type of discount store that sells off-season clothing. My favorite happens to be Ross’s because of their ever expanding shoe department, as well as offering a variety of sizes that are friendly to all size men and women. Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx also have a nice selection, but not as many options unless you are looking for home goods.

I know when I hear the word “Macy’s” I think high class money; something I don’t have. However, one of my most favorite formal dresses came from the Macy’s clearance rack and I looked beautiful for $50. I also found my prom dress at Ann Taylor in the clearance rack for less than $50 and I added just a few touches to make it my own with the help of my mother’s sewing machine. Don’t hesitate to go into the higher end stores. Head straight to the clearance racks and you will be amazed at the name brand, beautiful clothing you can find at a 75% or more discount!

Another great tip, for those big time bargain hunters, is to sort through your local Salvation Army or Goodwill stores. Not only are you contributing to great organizations, you can often find new, or worn-few clothing for a couple dollars. I have found some great professional work clothing from my local Goodwill store. I have also enjoyed their purse and scarf section at the Salvation Army-you never know when you’ll find a classic Chanel bag for just an amazing deal.

If you are fortunate enough to have outlet stores nearby, take full advantage. Most outlet stores showcase last season’s wears, but only at a mediocre discount. The real finds are in the clearance racks of the outlet stores. Keep your eyes open and search through everything.

The tip to a fabulous day of bargain shopping is to head for the clearance racks, keep your eyes open, and don’t seek out for the seasonally trendy items. You’ll have a much more successful trip finding your own niche style at a super-affordable price.

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