2009 People’s Media Choice Awards: Content of the Year


Recognition. 450,000 pieces of content were published on Associated Content in 2009, and some of there were by yours truly. Out of those 450k, 1,000 were selected to be recognized and reviewed for the 4th annual People’s Media Choice Awards. Out of those, 5 were selected for Content of the Year. 1 was my piece of content, “A Widow’s View on the U.S. Health Care Debate.”

Click on the link above and scroll to Page 2 to read a brief informative about me and the article (you can also click on the article from there), and then click on “Speech Speech” which will direct you to my acceptance speech.

There is something unique and grand about being recognized professionally for a hobby that you truly enjoy. This blog helped me to zone even further into my passion for writing, and all of you blog readers have kept me going. ‘Fresh Widow’, whom I met via Twitter (where I tweet as @crazywidow personally and @blboitson professionally) is the one who encouraged me to write this article. She shares mine and others’ testimony about widowhood and health care in this blog

I am still on cloud 9 from winning this-I have known for just over a week and it has been EXCRUCIATING keeping this a secret. When I was told I got nominated, I never believed that I would actually win. Just the nomination was thrilling. The win? Indescribable. This will help me connect even more with those battling cancer, widowhood, and life tragedy-my entire goal in keeping this blog going and connecting with others online.

Thank you for helping me achieve this!

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  1. What an achievement, Brenda! I am so proud of all the effort and dedication you are putting into your writing. This is just the beginning, I’m sure!

    Nan 🙂

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