5 Days of Giving: Day 3 – National Kidney Assocation

On day 3 of my 5 days of giving segment, I ask that you first read THIS. Now that you’re probably bawling, let me explain a bit about why I chose the National Kidney Association as today’s Non-Profit.

Just weeks after Kevin died, I attended a grief therapy group, and met a widower who lost his wife to kidney failure. I became friends with his daughter, and we still keep in touch. Their story touched me, and since that time, I have heard of several kidney failures stories.

Yesterday, when preparing my blog for today and determining which Non-Profit to focus upon (since so many causes tear at my heart), I was sent an email from a friend. This email was forwarded from a school in York, Pennsylvania, and a principal who was touched by what some of the students chose to write to Mrs. Claus. It was perfect timing. I knew exactly what non-profit to choose.

I cannot imagine having to go through dialysis or Kidney disease. Placing my heart with the child in the first story you read, breaks it. If there was a way I could just wave my wand and have it all be O.K. for him/her, I would in an instant, but I cannot.

Today I will donate to the National Kidney Association in honor of this child, who just wants his/her mother to be healed for Christmas. I prayed this same prayer, and hoped this same wish, when Kevin was sick. I hope you all will donate today, thinking of this child who wants their mother to be with them on Christmas Day, and for many years to come.

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  1. You have inspired me to donate again, Brenda! Just wanted to add another idea…If you have teenagers or work with them, like I did, please explain to them the importance of checking the organ donation box when they get or renew their driver’s licenses. God forbid that anything would ever happen to them, but if they should die in an accident, so much comfort can come to the parents knowing that the death of their child helped many others to live, to see, to get off dialysis. When I taught junior high life science, I invited volunteers from the Northwest Organ Donation alliance to come tell their stories to my students. Many of them were parents who had lost children in accidents and my students will never forget their stories and I know that many of them talked to their parents about organ donation even before they were old enough to drive.

  2. http://crazywidow.info/?p=2508 Here’s my blog on organ donation, something I feel very strongly about. Thank you for replying-it feels so good to give. It is SO important for our new drivers to understand about the importance of organ donation!

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