5 Day of Giving: Day 4 – Lancaster, PA Community!

When I asked my friends which local non-profits could use some help this holiday season, I was bombarded with names of numerous charities, most of which centered around homeless women and children. Lancaster, Pa has four prominent women’s shelters that house women and their children, and help teach them life skills so that they may re-enter the world more empowered. Due to the fact that these four came up time and again, I felt I could not just choose one organization. Obviously, there is great need for all these organizations to give women the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

Clare House

“Clare House serves homeless women and children by providing a temporary home in a caring environment, life skills programs and aftercare support leading to self-sufficiency.” I have spoken with one of the staff at Clare House, and they are extremely motivated to help women!

Milagro House

“Milagro House is a long-term, education-based program committed to restoring the lives of homeless women and children. We provide shelter, support and guidance to our families, promoting personal integrity, self-reliance and social responsibility.” Milagro House has a large focus to help the woman gain self sufficiency through classes and education.

House of His Creation

“The Mission of House of His Creation is to bring hope, restoration, and service to single, young birth mothers and their children through Christ-centered homes. Our goal is to help each young woman walk through the immediate challenges in her life and help her prepare her and her child’s future.

The program is designed to help each young woman become aware of who the Lord is and experience healing through God’s love. We desire to help them become loving, nurturing, parents and moral, contributing members of their communities. We also include ministry to family members and seek to restore family relationships.” I have a wonderful friend who is currently working at HOHC and would appreciate your support greatly!

Mom’s House of Lancaster

“Single parents enter into a partnership with Mom’s House by signing a contract agreeing to:

* attend school regularly
* maintain passing grades attend all parenting/life skills classes
* provide at least 2 hours of service to Mom’s House each week”

The fact is there is MUCH need for not only single mothers, but society in general in the Lancaster area. For more general community assistance to the Lancaster area, Tabor Community Services is another GREAT program helping Lancaster citizens climb out of poverty!

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