Building a Life out of Words

You have probably heard me mention Shawn Smucker a time or two before…the reason why is because he’s a cool dude who happens have dedicated his career to writing – full time.  To me, this says a few things: 1 – he’s nuts.  2- he’s passionate.

Shawn just released his new e-book, “Building a Life out of Words” and if I had been a better friend I would have read it by now!  Instead, you’ll just have to wait patiently while I read through it and let you know my thoughts.  In the meantime, you can read it for yourself through any e-reader (click here for purchase information).  You know I love a deal, and at $3.99 for some nuggets of his thoughts on writing, it’s well worth giving up your coffee for a day.

Please support him and his family – right now they are traveling cross country in what seems to be a slightly scary and unreliable bus with 4 kids and his wife.  Yes, say many prayers for him.  He’s meeting with writers all across the country to tune his craft and to stay connected and grow as a writer.  Congratulations Shawn – keep going strong!


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