Camp Widow – They’re Gonna Get Me

Friday morning I fly out to San Diego.  It will be the first time in this city, for which I’m quite excited, but also the first time I get to meet widows of all ages and kinds.  I also get to meet widows with whom I have built deep relationships.  I get to meet Erin who lost her husband in the war.  I get to meet Joanna and see her new engagement bling.  I get to reconnect with two of my favorite local widows, Donna and Supa.  I finally get to meet the wonderful Michele who heads Soaring Spirits and started Camp Widow.  I’ll get to hug Hyla in person and pick her brain about her memoir on Scribd.  I know I’ll get a chuckle from Carol.

I know all these women in my heart.  We share a common denominator: widowhood.

Many of us have been discussing exactly what we’ll be packing for camp widow.  Spanx, so far, seems to be the number one item, as we have a semi-formal banquet to attend.  One widower in particular suggested he might pack a 50’s style sundress.  Oh, the fun.

I read today that someone needs to buy waterproof mascara.  Maybe we should just buy it in bulk and hand it out upon arrival?  It should come in the goodie bags!

Besides all the hectic running around I must do before hitting the road tomorrow evening, I know there are a few things I also need to pack.  Courage.  Truthfulness.  Bluntness.  Honesty.  Reality.  What I don’t need to pack is Inspiration, Self Comfort, Laughs.  Why not?  Because all those will be given to me when I arrive.

I’m not going to a bawlfest.  I’m going to connect with other people who “get me” because they have been through what I have.  I really do feel like this trip will hold a lot of closure for me.  I also know that I’m going to come home and be ready to move forward, to be ready to work towards continuing with chapter 2.

Where do you find your closure?  Do you surround yourself with those who “get you”?


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  1. Great post – – Sounds like we’re packing the same things. Can’t wait to meet you.

  2. Great post! See you SOON!!!

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