It is so interesting how God places certain people in your life. I would’ve never known before this why I felt a special bond to certain people, and now I completely understand. It’s because they are meant to be my guardian angels along this path. Thank you.

I got a good night’s sleep, but I find waking up is the hardest part. Your mind just can’t process, and for me, I keep seeing Kevin at his last moment over and over and over again. It’s not how I want to remember him, and I am sure in time that will come. It’s just so hard.

Today will be spent with all the girls in my family, so pray we have a good day shopping for our life celebration outfits. I am NOT going to wear black. It’s decided 🙂 Kevin would yell at me if I did.

Thank you all for your prayers and love….

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  1. We were gone for a week but kept up with you all. It was with tears and prayers that we joined with you as we read the news. We care.

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