Feeling More Like Home

My apartment is definitely feeling more like home which is so nice. I went to Ikea yesterday and got another chair for the living room, a rug, a bookshelf and a few little odds and ends. It looks SO nice in my living room now-definitely looks lived in, instead of sparce.

Now that I have been here a few weeks, it’s definitely feeling more like home instead of a layover. I like the feeling of making it my own. It has a good feeling to it, rather than just feeling new.

This week is going to be exhausted, as I am taking a 4 time evening course the next two mondays and wednesdays from 6-9 after work. My work schedule is also very different the next two weeks, so I have to remember to look at my calendar before I leave everyday to make sure I’ll be at the right place!

I’m highly considering going to my parents cabin by myself this weekend to focus on writing and just general relaxation. I’m hoping it isn’t already booked. I may not officially decide until Thursday, but I think it may be nice just to escape for a weekend.

Please pray that I can come to a resolution with one of my apartment neighbors. She lives below us and plays her music at all hours of the night. This morning, the bass kept my roommate awake from 4:30 until 6:15. I left a note at her door this morning (I’ve already spoken to her once about it) and asked for a compromise. Please pray that she doesn’t take it the wrong way, and we can come to a resolution.

I hope you all have a great week. Have some coffee for me!

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  1. I don’t drink coffee, but I CAN pray that your downstairs neighbor is a reasonable person. Good luck with that. Getting away to do some writing sounds like a great idea!

    Nan 🙂

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