From Camp Widow & Beyond

Camp Widow East: Amazing, connective, refreshing.  Below is the blog I wrote while still at Camp Widow in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I look forward to sharing more about Camp Widow soon!


Hello and greetings from CrazyWidow & CampWidow CWx2.

I realized, on my second year here at Camp Widow, that you can take time for yourself while you are here.  Last year, I was overwhelmed – having broken my back 2 weeks prior to arrival, the trip was long and painful, and I was heavily medicated.  I was presenting a blog workshop with the awesome Supa Dupa Fresh but just did not feel I had my wits about me.  Combination of injury, drugs, and just plain widowhood.

I was overwhelmed.  I went to every workshop I could, barely resting in between despite my body’s need.  I pushed and pushed and pushed (what’s new, right?) and ya know what? It wasn’t worth it.

Camp Widow was worth it.

The pain was worth enduring.

But it wasn’t worth it to push myself to an unhappy, unsatisfied level.

So this afternoon, if you are just filled, you are aching, you are tired, you just need some solitude; it’s ok.  Take the time.  Self care is the most absolutely important thing in your life right now.

That’s what I’m doing.  Yesterday I volunteered and led a roundtable.  At about 9:30 last night I finally shut off, went out on the beach by myself and talked to my Kevin, in the only way I truly feel I can talk to him – while at the beach. It’s where we spent most of our great memories – fishing off the shores of Assateague in Maryland.

Then I had animal crackers in bed, without beer like the night before 😉  I checked the weather forecast – it was going to be thunderstorming, so I figured I’d go to workshops.  But this morning, the forecast had drastically changed.  It was going to be nearly 80 and sunny.  I knew where my heart and body had to be.

After the keynote, I changed clothes and off I went to the beach where I wrote and tried to solve all my life problems in my head.  Alone.  Because that’s what I needed.

Now I’m back volunteering for Widville, but after this, I think it’s more beach.  Because that’s the self care that I need right now.

So stop guilting yourself, and do what you need to do.  It’s ok.  No one’s saying where and what you need to be doing while you’re here.  Love on yourself, let go, and enjoy whatever presents itself to you.  Ok, maybe not EVERYTHING, but enjoy what you truly need from this.

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  1. Holy cow am I glad to hear this from you! Now continue it….say NO once in a while and do what Brenda wants to do. It sounds like you are in a really good place right now and I couldn’t be happier for you.

  2. Thanks Sandy – It’s encouraging to hear this considering most days I don’t feel like i am! Thanks!

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