My Love/Hate Relationship with Lancaster City

Having lived in Lancaster City for most of the past 5 years (plus an additional 1.5 before a brief stint in Montana and living with my parents) I feel I can truly call myself a city gal. That being typed, though, I love nature, the woods, camping, and not having a million dents in my car.

My city living history first started out of intrigue to be somewhere where life was happening, because it just wasn’t happening in Conestoga.  That want slowly progressed to a necessity.  Cheaper living, convenience to work and the places I love, and being located fairly central to my friends and family.  It never remained my number one choice.  I always dreamt of finding a small studio apartment on a nice farm with a vista to enjoy.

As I stepped out of my car last Friday, excited to explore the First Friday festivities later that evening, I beheld a site that is not all that uncommon in the city: dog poop.  A massive one.

I grew up surrounded by 4 farm fields, I am NO stranger to poop.  But something about ‘Poop in the City’ just doesn’t work for me.  Or the sidewalk.  Or the fact it stood stinkingly between my car and my apartment building’s front door.  This is what makes me hate the city.  Inconsideration.  To me, leaving your poop right outside my front door out of laziness, is the same as putting a flaming bag of poo on my front stoop for me to stomp on.  Because I know that some absent minded pedestrian will, in fact, be stepping on that poop at some point in the future.

A few hours later I was in the company of my boyfriend, enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of First Friday, the local arts crawl, in downtown Lancaster.  I loved it.  I saw people I knew, enjoyed free sampling of food, took in all the crafty people around me.  It was fantastic.  I was again, in love with the city.

Most people probably feel this way about wherever they live.  I know I felt that way when I lived in Montana – missed my family and close friends (hate) but the scenery was breathtaking 24/7 (loved).

I just crossed the 3 year mark at being in the same, tiny, 3 room + a bathroom apartment just 4 blocks from downtown.  I’m near the hub of life for this city but I’m definitely outgrowing it.  No, it’s not outgrowing necessarily, but my needs have changed.  I have outgrown my 20s I guess – coming into myself, my career, my relationship, my friendships, my family – all of these factors create a need for me to step out of this front stoop and onto a grassier platform.

I have no imminent move planned, but sometimes, the city’s vibrancy just doesn’t shine for me like it used to.  It’s changed, and I have changed too.

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  1. OK, that is just gross! I have never and don’t ever want to live in the city. I think I would be terribly unhappy. Small towns have their disadvantage also though….the gossip…endless gossip. No one can go to the bathroom in my little town without everyone knowing about it. I have lived here for 18 years now and am used to it, but there are times that it gets on my nerves.

  2. I grew up in a small town, so I do understand. But there is gross stuff everywhere, not just in the city. We all get used to our “homes” 🙂

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