Fun Friday – Caption My Photos!

If you follow me on Twitter…or Facebook, or if you read this blog, you know I’ve been having a pity party.  Woe is moi.  I screwed up my back.  My widow friends are going through hard times.  I have no money.  WAH WAH WAH.

It’s time to funkify myself out of this.  There is no better way to get through a tough time than to pick at each other.  In this case, I’m going to share with you the top 10 worst flattering pictures of me on Facebook.  I’m going to number them 10-1 and I want YOU to give them a caption along with the number.  It’s not only a great exercise in creativity, but a lot of fun to look back at the goofier, “funner”, times in life.












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  1. Love ’em! It’s not a caption but #8 reminds me of @kellykautz’s One Woman Marketing logo 🙂

  2. You’re so right!

  3. #9
    My eyes are up here, asshole

  4. Great fun:
    10. “My true love — a giant, goofy, cross-eyed penguin.”
    9. “I am Elton John”
    8. “My Jedi training is done”
    7. “To infinity and beyond.”
    6. “God help me”
    5. “I love him, but…”
    4. “The hills (at least the church) are alive with the sound of music.”
    3. “Why, o why do we have to climb the hill again?”
    2. “I am still going to sink this putt, you Pervert”
    1. “I think I can, I think I can. I can stop this train.”

  5. BWHAHHAA, nice one. A girlfriend took that one, actually lmao.

  6. I absolutely LOVED these Tim, thanks for sharing!

  7. 1. “I’m not finding that secret compartment. You’re full of shit!”

  8. LOVE IT, hehehhehe

  9. #10 What the PUCK?!!

  10. Definitely wondered how I got THERE! 😉

  11. 8. “I’m too sexy for my gown, too sexy for gown….”

  12. Hehe, my creativity is lacking tonight but I just had to say I LOVE these! Such happy faces and memories! 🙂

  13. Hehe

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