Gordon Lightfoot: Live at the Keswick

Gordon Lightfoot is one of the greatest folk legends of our time. I had the opportunity to see this legendary artist perform on on Sunday June 15, 2008, at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

In this intimate theater, it was an excellent opportunity to see the folk legend live up to our expectations, as he carried us through the love, pain, and humor of folk story telling via song. Lightfoot is an amazing live performer who entertains by song, story and reflection.

Playing hits such as “Sundown”, “If You Could Read My Mind”, and “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, he also touched upon songs he is most known for having written rather than performed. His soft, mellow demeanor is amazing to see live, and you cannot help but be humored by his carefree attitude and the corny jokes he shared between songs.

Lightfoot plays passionately along with his amazingly tight band. They play so well together, like a fine and very tuned machine. Leaving open artistic independence, Lightfoot and his band capture the calming essence of folk music.

Throughout the night, Lightfoot played over 2 hours of music taking us through his decades of experience as a songwriter and musician. He played to the audience, and having the advantage of a small theater, the audience felt as if Lightfoot was playing upon the reflections of our moods. His soft, sometimes raspy voice captures the beauty of folk storytelling through music.

Despite making a joke about what a Bob Dylan/Gordon Lightfoot duo would be like, I thoroughly enjoyed the tones that were sung by Lightfoot and played on any of his three acoustic guitars. With a voice unlike anyone else around, Lightfoot has managed to push through what has become a “pop culture” to become a living legend among musicians.

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