Rainin’ You

One night, and one night only I got Kevin out to country music concert.  He absolutely despised country.  He loved Metallica, The Hip, 54-40, Van Morrison, but never, never ever country.  By the grace of God, after much begging, and the tug and pull of my awesome siblings, we drug Kevin across the river to Camden NJ to see Brad Paisley play at what was formerly named the Tweeter Center.  We had lawn seats, and despite the heat and humidity, it was a fine, fine evening.

I remember him, I, my brother Kurt and his future wife Bethany, my sister Joni and her husband Lou all hanging out on the lawn with some cold brews, enjoying the experience of great guitar, smooth music, and each other’s company.  He smiled, and it was a grand evening.  He actually had a good time, although he only admitted he did because I had a good time.  Either way, it was a great night, and one that is etched in my memory.

Tonight I listen to Brad Paisley listening to such songs as ‘Rainin’You’, ‘Wish You’d Stay’, and ‘Love is Neverending’ and I realize how much they speak to me, to my past.  How I wish he could have stayed, how his love rained on me, and how the love we had truly is neverending.  I will always love him, for what he brought into my life, even for the pieces he took with him. Love is neverending.  No, not cliche, not naive.  I believe if you truly love someone, despite distance, brokenness, or death, you  will always have a piece of them written into your heart, you soul, your future.  What you shared with them has shaped you to who are you are now, in some way.

I miss him dearly tonight-I ache as I pack for a weekend away.  But I am also happy to be at this point where I am continually moving forward, where I am making new memories with new people.  But I shall always cherish.

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