Nature Discovered

While today I am back to wearing my faux-patent leather sandals at work, with my hair cleaned and combed, and even a little bit of makeup, this weekend I was sans all of that; and I loved it.  I love sleeping outside, cooking my meals over a fire, getting dirty in the woods, hiking up to the Appalachian trail, and warming up by the fire.  Love love love it.

Camping was my thing.  I don’t think Kevin could recall the last time he had camped when we first met.  It was one of our first trips together, camping that is, and then everytime we went to the beach, we would camp.  For Kevin it was about the fish, for me, it was about the tent, the fire, the woods.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved, and still do love the beach.  I love the crashing waves, the serenity of nature by the shore, the sand under my toes.  But my soul loves the quiet eeriness of being in the woods, the crack of branch under foot, the steady climb up a mountain path, the babbling brooks that cross ahead.  I have always loved that.

I grew up camping-I spent many nights damp and drenched from a passing thundershower with my family in an old green tent.  I loved it.  I was raised vacationing in the woods, and near a hiking or biking trail.  It is what we did as a family, and something I always enjoyed.

When you marry someone, when are you with someone, you tent to just bend towards what they enjoy as well.  You enjoy it too, but you create something that suits both of you.  It is one of the beauties of compromise: discovering what you can do together that you both love.

I loved the beach, I still do, but what is really me?  Camping.  In the woods.  I hiked up about 1.5 miles, a 1000 foot climb to the Applachian Trail this weekend and I loved it.  Don’t get me wrong, it kicked my bum, but it was great.  Interestingly, I am also reading ‘A Walk in the Woods’ by Bill Bryson which just puts to life what I experienced in the woods this weekend.  The thrill of nature and our communications with it is fantastic.  I truly enjoy walking in the woods.

It is nice to discover something that is me, something that I know I enjoy just in myself, as a hobby.  Not us, not a past memory, but created just for me.

Discoveries ahead.

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