On December 18th, I’ll graduate from Harrisburg Area Community College with my Associate’s Degree in Business Studies. It’s about time.

I graduated from high school in 2002, and went straight into college at Penn State University, York Campus, intending to study Advertising/Public Relations. I was disappointed after not getting accepted into Northwestern University’s Journalism programmed, so I settled. A few months into my first semester, I realized that by settling, I wasn’t progressing in my studies. I missed music, I missed my band geek lifestyle from high school. I had done well at Tuba performance, so maybe that was what I was missing?

I researched music degrees that were non-teaching, and discovered Music Therapy. It was a great combination of music studies, and helping others without having to teach. Montclair State University in NJ offered the program, and their Music Director was president of the International Tuba & Euphonium Society! It was a perfect fit. I auditioned and was accepted, so the second semester of my first year in college, I attended Montclair.

By May and the end of the semester, I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I wasn’t studious or dedicated enough in music to make it my career. It was my hobby and was intended to stay just as that. I dropped out.

I went home, found a full time job, and floundered.

1.5 years later I returned to college at HACC, enrolling in their Travel and Tourism program with the intention of completing a degree to be a travel agent. I loved to travel. I caught up on my general education courses, and attended for 3 semesters, two part time, and one INSANE full time while working.

I moved to Montana. I had always wanted to. I applied to University of Montana for their Recreational Management degree in their College of Forestry and Conservation. I was accepted. I figured I’d work doing activities in Parks, how cool would that be?

I got engaged, I moved back to Pennsylvania.

No degree.

I finally decided to finish some degree, ANY degree, so I met with my counselor back at HACC in 2008, and enrolled in the Fall 2008 semester to finish my degree in Business Studies. It was a degree that would take almost all my credits from my various colleges and help me to complete SOMETHING.

Kevin got sick. I had to drop out before I even began.

After Kevin died, it was a now or never thought. The year after he passed, I enrolled in courses and now, a year later, I am finally completing my degree. A degree. Something to recognize the years of changes, moves, fluctuations and uncertainties.

I’ve always been “smart”-an A/B student who works hard to do well. School never came easy, but I was always determined to at least do well at what I was working on. I could just never seem to find the fit. I am good and enjoy so many activities, how do you choose just one?

So here I am, about to finally receive my diploma, and I still have no clue what to do with it.

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  1. Many congratulations on your graduation! You can go in a lot of different directions with a business studies degree and you are young and have time, so keep your nose out for a career you might enjoy.

    The worst job I ever had was at an unemployment agency, listening to sad stories all day and forcing myself to call employers who hung up on me, as often as not. The most fun job I had was giving tours and doing tastings at a winery, but I had to work every weekend and it paid horribly. What became my passion was teaching, which I am continuing at a relaxed pace even in my retirement, as a volunteer and as a tutor.

    Good luck in finding your passion!

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