Long Week

It’s been almost a week since I’ve updated, and so much has happened, I’m exhausted. The anniversary turned out fine. It was a tough day, but dinner that evening with my friends and family was very nice. It felt good to have them close and their support.

The rest of the week I spent packing and resting. My back is still causing me horrible pain and making my life absolutely miserable. I started my 2nd part time job on Friday, and it went well. However, with the back pain, it made the day very long and painful. So frustrating.

Thankfully I had lots of friends/family to help on Saturday, and we got everything moved in just about 2 hours. It was wonderful. I spent the rest of the day unpacking, then resting. I probably over-did it with my back, but I have found that keeping myself moving, walking, doing ANYTHING but sitting or laying down seems to help it stay limber. It’s when I’m not doing anything with it that the muscles tense right up and make me feel horrible.

I got Darrell, my cat, moved in yesterday, and he seems to be adjusting well, I’m grateful for that. Today I’m starting off my first full time work week since July of last year, and it’s not even 2 hours into the day and I feel EXHAUSTED. It was a long week between the anniversary, new job, moving and my back, so I’m definitely feeling the accumulation of everything this morning.

*yawn*. Despite at least 9 hours of sleep last night, today I have no energy. If this back pain would go away, I would feel incredible. I’ve been icing it, propping my knees up on a pillow to take the pressure of, and just generally trying not to strain it anymore. I’m taking some anti-inflammatories since it definitely seems to be a muscular problem.

Ugh, I HATE back problems. I’ve been to the chiro 2x so far for it, but after the electric stim last week, I could hardly walk, so I’m very hesitant to go back. Pray for me that i get some relief. The more pain I feel, the more depressed I feel, which isn’t what I need right now..

Thanks, and I’ll update more when I can.

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  1. I’ll be praying for you. I have muscle tightness in quads, hamstrings and lower back. All that causes my lower back to really tighten up which causes pain. I’m there with you!
    love and prayers,

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