The Beautiful Legacy

Today, I am honoring the celebration of my 2nd wedding anniversary. Tears must flow, but joy must be remembered. I woke up this morning, and my first thought was, “Happy Anniversary Baby”. It was something I woud have uttered to my husband lying next to me, and a beautiful memory of the short time we had together.

I spent the morning posting the photos on here, then putting on my casual wedding outfit, lol. Cream colored top, reminiscent of my dress, pink socks, reminiscent of my dress, and my wedding pearls given to me from my mother in law. I felt discouraged that I didn’t have any flowers to bring to Kevin’s gravesite, but as I pulled into the church parking lot, I realized I had been keeping a heart shaped stone in the cupholder of the jeep. I had found the rock, and written “Kevin & Brenda” on it soon after we began dating. As I walked to his gravesite, I cupped the stone, and remembered a joyous time in our lives.

Spending time at his gravesite is never easy for me. I spoke to Kevin, I cried to him, and cried to God, asking for strength and courage. Telling him I loved him and Happy Anniversary. As I walked back to my car, a friend from church walked out of the buildling, and just held me in my sobbing. I needed a good hug, and she was sent to me. I’m so grateful for that hug.

As sad as this day is, there are so many wonderful and beautiful memories, A beautiful legacy was created this day two years ago, when Kevin and I finally journeyed into the wonderful world of matrimonial bliss. I wouldn’t change a thing, even if I had known our life together would be cut so short. To have had this, to have been given this gift of love, is more of a blessing than anything else to me right now.

I have a beautiful legacy…thank you Kevin. Happy Anniversary.

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  1. {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}} BIG hug from me!!!
    love and prayers always,

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