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I have survived almost the first whole week of my new job and I didn’t die. Yep, I did it. I don’t remember where I left off with the last blog, but I think I was feeling pessimistic about starting the first venture of my new life. Well, that pessimism is now gone, thank God.

On Monday, I started my new/old job and it went great. The kids are wonderful (except when all 3 are screaming, and, well, when is that EVER wonderful??), they’re cute, cuddly, happy and excitable, which just makes me feel the same way. It’s a great feeling to have all 3 clammering to sit in your lap to read a story. It just feels good!

I’m doing pretty well and having fun doing some new things, and dreaming ahead of the possibilities. I’m thinking often of what Kevin would be doing, if it had been I who had passed…and that gives me a lot of strength and possibilities. Or more so, me thinking what I would have wished for him had I passed before him. If you think of it in terms of that, I think it really opens your brain open to some new possibilities, and a lot of hope. And, frankly, I can use all the hope I can get right now.

This weekend, my friend Kris and I are taking a VERY IMPROMPTU trip skiing up in Coudersport, Pa, about an hour from where my parents hunting cabin is. It should be fun…and interesting, considering I haven’t skiied in over 7 years. Make that probably 8 or 9. It’s been a LONG time. The last time I went skiing, I made the mistake of trying to snowboard, so I am not going to do that again. My feet both like their individual movement thank you very much!

I’m a little concerned to a point-we have to make our own wood fire in the wood stove when we get up there probably around 10/11 tomorrow night….and it’s going to be cold. Also, they’re calling for snow Tomorrow and Saturday I believe…and I haven’t skied in forever, so it’s going to be very interesting. But if Kris is up for the challenge, so am I! I’ve done the cabin stuff before, but never just US girls. We’re adventurous I guess? Did I mention there is no legitimate indoor plumbing except for a spout that comes up through the floor? There is a tub, but we have to heat the water on the stove. Oh yeah, we’re roughin’ it! I love the outdoors, I really do..but I also like a shower!

Lots of ramblin’-I have a lot spinning through my head just making some decisions about a possible trip this summer (big trip), financial things that I have been procrastinating for WAYYYYY too long, but I’m doing ok.

Another concern-today I got my physical and I have high cholesterol. *shrugs*. Combination of my overweight issues, and genetics. Thanks Mom & Dad. Haha. Oh well, I guess my new “LIFE” (not years) resolution to get fit is a VERY good one for my heart. I’ve been to the gym Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. And on Saturday I trail hiked…but today, my body needs a BREAK. It’s sore and hurting, so I’m letting myself rest today (otherwise, I AIN’T going skiing). And eating healthier is DEFINITELY going really well-it feels good. But tonight, I’m going to splurge and go out to eat, but I’m NOT going to overdo it. Now that I know the facts about my body, I know what I need to do.

Wow, that’s a lot to throw at you on this blog. I’m doing pretty well overall. I start group grief therapy next week, which I think will be very encouraging. My friends are keeping me busy and happy, and I’m just trying to have fun, something I imagine Kevin would have INSISTED upon. And frankly, I like to think that me having a good time is something that makes him smile up in heaven.

Love you all. I’ll be back on Sunday, so I’ll update you then. Pray I don’t break my ankle!

PS-Say a prayer for Shawn, a close friend who broke his wrist and I think above his elbow ? He has a 1 year old and is married to one of my best friends, so keep them in your prayers for patience and healing!

Also-Keep remembering my Quad J Cancer Squad, who is forever in my prayers and thoughts.

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  1. Just remember if you and Kris have major probs with the fire, I’m only an hour or so away….just call and we will be there asap! Are you guys going to Ski Denton? That’s an awesome place….have fun and don’t break anything!! Don’t forget to “snow plow” to stop! Love yah!

  2. aww thanks for the shout out! have a greattt time this weekend! and please dont break anything- i dont think i could handle any more broken bones 🙂

  3. I’m so glad things went well for you with your new/old job. I haven’t skied in like 21 years. I would love to take it up again. Have a wonderful time skiing and being with your friend. Kevin would DEFINITELY want you to be having a great life and that is my continual prayer for you. Psalm 91 over you this weekend!
    lov and prayers,

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