Prayer & Surgery

Please keep my mom, Lindsay, in your prayers today as she has a hysterectomy to remove her Uterine Cancer. I am very nervous and apprehensive today. Whenever I think of hospitals and surgeries, I just get flashbacks to the awful night in August 2008 when we waited for 7+ hours praying and crying hoping that Kevin would pull through an extremely risky surgery to divert his esophagus and possibly remove his tumor, at the time, of unknown diagnosis.

The uncertainties that I felt, all those anxieties that my husband would die on the operating table, that the last time I had spoken to him was running out the door to work not knowing he was going to be on the ventilator the next time I saw him….all those fears come up. The possibilites of negative things that can happen on the operating table eats at my brain.

I know my mom’s surgery is much different. Her prognosis for the cancer is EXCEPTIONALLY good, and she should not require chemo or radiation. It looks contained, and in fact was so small, the surgeon was surprised her doctor even ordered a biopsy. (Just another reason why these new papsmear/breast exam guidelines anger me!) She will be fine. But then my past experiences kick in , and well, I get apprehensive.

Definitely trying to be calm today and stay busy at work knowing that everything is not in my hands or worries, but are in God’s.

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  1. I’m praying too ~ for ALL of you!!!! Know that there are many of us who love you and your mom and are praying today. ~ Lee

  2. I am praying for your mom and the whole family, Brenda. I’m waiting to hear the good news of a successful surgery and speedy recovery…and some peace of mind for you.


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