Gossip, Giving & Goodwill

Do you ever forget that not everyone is nice? Or that even if you find something funny, someone else does not? Despite all that you do to give and help build a sense of community, some people construe it as being about them or having some misintent? I think all these questions arise throughout different parts of our lives, but somehow, the misunderstandings of the human race always seem to mellow around the Holidays. Not this year.

Some odd things have happened in the past week leading people to take things I say the wrong way, or how I act in the wrong way. It comes down to this: If you’ve been a blog reader of mine for more than a few weeks, one thing you can admit about me is that I’m honest. Yes, I may not share every detail of my life, but one thing I am truly honest about is my feelings surrounding illness and grief. I have always thought that if I can honestly and openly share about my experience, maybe someone will hear something that will spur a different frame of mind, or be able to help them in someway in a future situation. If I choose not to be honest about the constant emotional stages of dealing with illness and caretaking, or grief, then I choose not to truly deal with the reality of my situation. Some people are more personal and care to think about the emotions, but choose not to share them. We all have different ways of dealing with grief-I choose mine to be an open book so that I can fully express the ups and downs of this journey, and so it gives you a better understanding of what we go through in grief.

But then enters those who can’t handle how I feel, who can’t handle what they feel so therefore they take it out on me, and people who have nothing better than to create stories about others without bothering to find out the whole truth and just rely on half truths. It’s frustrating, but it’s life.

I am pushing forward to brush those situations off my shoulders and acknowledge that I know my true intents, and that is, for the goodwill of others. To help the community by being honest and open about the struggle with grief and illness in a young generation, and to tear down a wall that shouldn’t be up.

‘Tis the season for giving, but let’s keep it focused on giving positive, not negative.

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