Few things in this life will make you stop to smell the roses. Cliched? Yes, but true? Even moreso. Who bothers to look up and discover a cloudless sky filled with more stars that your eyes can focus upon? How many enjoy being a passenger on a ride through the country just to breathe in the pollen filled (hehe) air and see the earth come to life again? Who stops, for even a minute, to take it in?

Losing in life, whatever the loss is (hopes, dreams, people, love), seems to do one of two things: destroys any hope you have in this world and turns you cynical and angry, or makes you focus on the little, simple pleasures that this world sometimes grants you.

The past two weeks I have enjoyed getting to know someone. We have spent quite a bit of time together, and through it all, I’m really seeing a lot of simple pleasures. We rode motorcycle yesterday through the back roads of Lancaster County, and just enjoyed the beautiful day surrounding us. It was grand, and not for a second did I take it for granted.

This journey has taught me a lot about focusing on the present, and not staying so focused on the hurt of the past, or the worry of the future. As my favorite musician Tom Petty states, “most things I worry about never happen anyway.” It is quite true. So I’m down to roughly 3-4 week of school and finals, and why should I be worried? I’ll stay consistent, getting the work done, finish with a decent grade, and look forward to the freedom of summer. But for now? For now, why don’t I just open up my eyes and take THIS all in? I would hate for it to pass before it’s too late, to live with more regrets, to constantly wonder if what was the past was that special or that different. Obviously, I’m reflecting upon my own past-sometimes questioning the if/whats of what we felt, of what we experienced. But that was then, and this is now.

I just want to open my eyes and take in the simplistic beauty around me each and every day. Because most of the things I worry about, never happen anyway.

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