Ski Trip & REAL SNOW

Me BEFORE Skiing next to Jessie, my reliable Jeep (yes, I just type reliable NEXT to Jeep-haha)

Snow Bunny Brenda, Don’t get too excited-these were the bunny trails

Ahh, the joys of self portraits-Kristen and I trying to stay warm

Kristen MADE me make a face, I swear

Me AFTER Skiing in front of the tiny lodge at Ski Denton. What a fun, NON BRUISING day!

Yes, that thermometer DOES read 9 at the cabin. Yes, 9. Do you know what temperature it was INSIDE before we started the wood stove? 32. brrrrrr.

Timer on the camera took this one-It was starting to snow, and they were calling for just under a foot of snow, so we thought it best to pack up and get DOWN the mountain while we could.

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Apparently Madonna is WRONG because this sexy jeep girl pose did NOT turn out how it was supposed to, haha.

The lovely, snowy, CHILLY, northern mountain town of Wellsboro, Pa-gas street lamps and all.

Happy driver with my WONDERFUL chai tea from “The Native Bagel” in Wellsboro. GREAT place to eat if you’re ever in town.

I hope Kris & I

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  1. Pictures are beautiful! As are you, inside and out!
    love and prayers,

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