Many of you know, and if you haven’t figure it out yet, too bad, that music is my passion. It’s one of the few things in my life that keeps me pumped, keeps my going, and literally controls my emotions. The song I just posted is my current ringtone, and it’s something I find inspiring and beautiful. Look it up and listen…

Today was pretty good-beginning of week 2 of my job, and it’s going well. I have 2 options for additional part time jobs, and I’m looking deep into both options to see what may work out best. Pray I find the right answers for this.

The more and more I thik about it, I believe that going Seattle, while fun, free, and exciting, would not be the best option. I don’t need to be isolated right now, so it looks like I’m going to stay here. I hope to take a road trip out to Mantitoba, Montana, Cali and back….possibly fly up to Alaska with a girlfriend, and then, of course, some local beach trips. I think it will work out just fine!

Tonight I got a call from one of Kev’s friends…and it just touched my heart. It feels so good to hear from his friends, family and so on. Everyone says they’re thinking and praying for me, but without contacting me to actually ask “How are you?”, I feel isolated. Its frustrating, so when someone actually picks up the phone, it makes me feel like I’m still being looked out for. I need that.

Tears flowed…but all in good memory. I miss you Kev. Forever in my heart

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