The Dream isn’t Dead

I met with my mentor on Saturday morning and got a swift, GREAT, kick in the bum. The dream isn’t dead. It isn’t about making excuses, or thinking ” I can’t because…”, because often the “I can’t”s are b-s. She refuted every possible excuse I have for not going back to Montana. Family, fear, job market, etc. When it comes down it, it’s just me, and everything else will fall into place, create new roles, adjust, and command.

I don’t know about timing, if it’s a definite, what needs to be done, how, when, what. But maybe? I’m feeling it out, going to make some contacts. I was encouraged to look at the job markets where I want to work, and see if I need a bachelor’s immediately, if I can start at an entry level/support position, and then possibly have them pay for my bachelor’s. Or, better yet, that my associates, when I finish in May, just might work for what I want to do. Wow, I have options. I haven’t had options in so long, that I don’t know what to do with them.

We, so often, chalk the dream up to unrealistic expectations. We look at all the factors of whose feelings we may hurt, uncertainties about the future, the life events we’ll miss, etc. But rarely do we see what CAN happen if we pursue the dream. The change that can happen in our lives, and others.

So what if I pursued my dream…again. This time without a love, without getting engaged while pursuing, without starting a life in a dream. But instead, striving for it with just me, in a whole, new life. Starting over.

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