Tomorrow, tune your DVR’s to The Today Show where I will Skyping in my Widow Relationship Question LIVE between 10 and 11 with Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford and their panel of male experts!


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  1. I hope you may have looked at my comment on the Today Show Facebook site. I feel you were treated terribly by Kathie Lee laughing and one of “The Guys” making a joke. I hope Kathie might apologize to you tomorrow….if not it gives me a new slant on the world today when we laugh at widows!!!!! I’m a new widow myself altough I had the gift of being married to a wonderful husband and father for 33 years. We would have celebrated our 34th anniversary on January 24… father said we were crazy to get married in January but we had beautiful weather in Maryland. Just wanted you to know you have my support and prayers that you have the opportunity to find another true love….I think there is a true difference between a widow and a single woman. Maybe they were all just very insecure about talking about a widow. Take care. Kathie B (NOT LEE)….I was Kathie spelled that way before Kathie Lee

  2. I haven’t seen the show…did you tape it? I like your new blog, Brenda, and I’m excited about your future as a writer. You were inspired by your eighth grade English teacher, right??

    Nan 🙂

  3. I ABSOLUTELY was and AM inspired by you!!

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