Today I Hula Hooped. Yes, I’m 24 and I Hula Hooped.

Courtesy of my new toy:

I purchased myself, what I called my “Glad I’m Back at Work Making $” Present, which turned out to be the Wii Fit! For those of you who dont’ know, Kev & I splurged a bit while he was in the hospital and bought ourselves a Wii. We were getting a bit bored with the xbox, and thought it may be fun to, I don’t know, BOWL from the hospital bed. And you know what? It was! I remember Kurt and Bethany (my bro and his fiancee) coming down one night, and us having a bowling tournament, and a chinese feast in his room. He was DETERMINED not to let his lack of an esophagus stop him from at least tasting the good stuff. Great memories šŸ™‚

So, now I have the wii to enjoy. The hardest part had to be, first, setting it up…and second…taking out the last game in it. The last game that Kev played. That was tough. All these unexpected firsts, these memories, they’re just hard and difficult. But I did it. And I did my balance test, and my Mii age (your wii character) and DANG I’m old and out of shape according to wii. Oh well. So, I Hula hooped, ran, and just had fun this afternoon. I’m looking forward to trying all sorts of fun new things on this as a great alternative to the gym when it’s just too darn cold to go workout!

But, I’ve been BAD with my eating. šŸ™ Time to buck up and get back on the healthy eating habits again. Time to ditch the Chips Ahoy! and enjoy the hummus. Yes, yes, I’m trying. But it’s healthy and natural to slip up. Especially with the rollercoaster I’m on…

Tomorrow, I work again, and then Friday I am off to get my hair done (I’m thinking more red is needed-I’m feeling fiery), and then a girls night out at Bube’s Brewery. Should be a good time.

Something I’m really considering is moving out. I drove around Lancaster City today scoping apartments. I’m definitely a city girl. I’ve lived in the city for 3+ out of the last 5 years that I have lived outside of my parents place, and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, my parents are certainly not kicking me out, but I’m itching to be slightly more independent. Financially, it may not make the most sense, but for my well being, I think it does. I’m a grown, 24 year old woman, who is much older than her actual age, who’s lived outside of her parents home for almost 5 years. For those who know me, that isn’t me. I LOVE my family…but a grown woman needs to be on her own sometimes. So, we’ll see what doors open for my own little apartment. I definitely need something 1st floor due to my massive couch, and just something clean, simple, and small. I’m not too picky. So, we’ll see what turns up. PLUS-Somewhere that takes cats, because I MISS DARRELL. I have some GREAT pics on my main PC, so I’ll post some up soon. My kitty misses me too, I can tell. He’s got a great foster home right now, but I’m thinking in the near future, it my be time for us to have our own home again too.


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