Trusting my Decision

I realized today that I really suck at make decisions on my own.  I can’t just speak out “YES” or “NO” without seeking further input on a decision.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been known to be too spontaneous for my own good.  Or because I’m fearful that I’ll make the wrong decision, so at least I can fall back on the others and feel that I sought out all the information I could at the time.

As I emailed friends and family this morning about the overwhelming feelings I have about working multiple jobs, I know deep down this is a decision I need to make, but with a plan.  Not just a career decision, but a faith decision.  Trusting not only in myself, but in something higher to guide my path even if I feel I’ve made the wrong decision.  Trusting that I will be provided for.  Trusting that doors will open when the timing is right.

Trust.  Decisions.  Both things I am not so good at.

I constantly worry about being assumed lazy, inadequate, or not doing enough.  I don’t know what I need to do to prove to myself that I have never been any of the above?  How often do I need to open doors to feel overwhelmed before I see that I am doing all I can and beyond what I should?

How do you?

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  1. Hi again Brenda,
    How could you ever not trust your decisions? Just look at the wonderful choice you made in marriage. I just read yours and Kevin’s story and am so impressed with your strength! How blessed you are to have had such a love. Trust yourself, but most of all trust
    Abba(daddy)Father. As long as nothing is pressing, don’t get in a hurry with your decision, and, yes it is very wise to seek counsel from others.
    This I know for sure, God does not intend for us to be so overworked that we are stressed and worn out on a regular basis. When I am at my busiest and stressed out I know he calls to me to stop and rest in Him so that I can hear Him.
    Blessings (and REST) to you,

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