That’s life right now. A big fat ole question mark! My re-evaluating is continuing. Making some steps to secure 1 full time job-just deciding how to go about that with a slow economy and working with my current employers. Just pray that doors open for the right opportunities ahead.

I have gotten through what is hopefully the worst of my big wave of depression. It hit me so hard and unexpectedly, but I’m riding it out. Its still there, but not nearly as bad, and I feel that I can accommodate it right now.

I am in the midst of just getting a schedule and commitment together. this includes signing up for online courses, and setting up my Team Sarcoma challenge.

Ive decided that this year I’ll keep things very small. The minimal that Ill do is set up a stand outside central market during Sarcoma Awareness Week to allow people to get information, make donations, and purchase bracelets to help the cause. If possible, if there are enough volunteers, I’ll get permits to organize a small walk downtown and raise money for that. I need to discuss further options with the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative founder, Bruce, and go from there. I have also submitted to volunteer on a minimal basis with the American Cancer Society. I just submitted the form, so we’ll see where their needs are for me. I’m excited, if not a bit nervous about all of it.

For me, planning helps me feel in control. I like knowing I’m involved and helping, rather than just floundering. So I’m hoping these things give me some goals and commitments for the future I have.

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