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I think I’m going to write the anti-novel. It’s a love story, it’s the story of our love through sickness, health, trail, and torment. It’s the story of Kevin and I. You know I’m writing this….I knew I wanted to write the story about how we met, the immigration/distance battles, then including the blog intertwined. But the fact is, I’m just not the type of writer to write a detail by detail word for word account of something.

I write on feeling, on moments, on little pieces. I blog. I’m a blogger. I’m a journal writer. I write articles and capture glimpses. Entire storylines? Not so much.

So, I thought to myself, “Brenda, how are you going to write a novel, when you don’t write NOVELS, and you dont’ have an ounce of patience?”. Hm…I thought about it, and this morning I came up with a NOVEL idea. Hehe. Sorry, BAD BAD pun there.

I am going to write the book all in blog format. It will mostly be centered around this blog, and our battle through Angiosarcoma. But in between are going to be snippets of mini-tales of how we met, and great stories I have of us, and moments that stay in my mind so clear I feel as if it was yesterday. Those flashback memories are how I’m going to tell OUR story, intertwined with our ending.

I think it’s perfect. I’m so excited because I feel like I can finally START.

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  1. I must comment on this entry. It sounds like the perfect book. – Jean

  2. That is exactly what I said a few comments back-you can just take the blog notes-from the beginning!!! It is a story to read unto itself!!!!

  3. Brenda- I love how your plan is evolving…as you keep…keepin on…the story will tell itself.
    Remember me for the book signing tour! hehe…

  4. Can’t wait to start reading it! You’ll do really well with this format.

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