Sarcoma Knows No Borders

Sarcoma is a cancer of the connective tissues, such as nerves, muscles, joints, bone, or blood vessels. It can arise anywhere in the body and is frequently hidden deep in the limbs. Between 15-20% of all children’s cancers are sarcomas. However, it is more rare in adults and only 1% of adult cancers are sarcomas. There are two basic categories of sarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma and non-soft tissue sarcoma. Angiosarcoma, the type of cancer that Kevin had, only accounts for 1-2% of all SARCOMAS. This makes his type extremely rare. There are no known causes of Angiosarcoma, other than some very isolated incidents involving the manufacturing of PVC piping. Kevin’s Angiosarcoma was formed by the blood vessels and ran from his mouth to his stomach. Unfortunately, because Angiosarcomas are so aggressive, they do not normally present symptoms until the later stages of the diagnosis. This makes treatment options very minimal. Chemotherapy does well to shrink Angiosarcoma, but there is no known cure, and Angiosarcoma almost always recurs. One of the biggest hurdles with any type of Sarcoma cancer, is its lack of funding and awareness. The more people who know about how devastating Sarcomas are, the more detection and treatment options will be available. Please consider making a donation in Kevin’s honor to the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative which will help with Sarcoma research, as well as helping other families who are being affected by Sarcoma. Thank you for all your support during this devastating time in our lives. Sarcoma Knows No Borders.

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  1. Hi Brenda, I have been volunteering everyday with the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative. I’d like you to know that I think of Kevin and the others I know who have died of sarcoma, and they inspire me to keep going. When the project that I am working on is finished, I will let you know. I hope you will feel like a part of it, and I hope it will help people in the future to fare better than Kevin did.

    For those who can donate, there is also a donation page on Facebook here:

    Hang in there. I have been told before how awful the nights are, and I believe it. I guess I would try to fill that time with some new hobbies or something, but still, you have to grieve, and the night time seems to be the time when our minds can do that. It tends to be quiet and lonely. *sigh* But you are not alone. There are people all over the world who can care about you and who need care. You are still a part of us.

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