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I know I call all of YOU (yes, you) my blog stalkers, but I stalk my own blogs, or my own web things that is. Angiosarcoma tends to be the #1 stalking habit. I spent a few hours one day searching through almost every single webpage that mentioned angiosarcoma and was related to a person, not just a business or hospital.

I came across a few different stories, mainly those who have lost the battle. I have also found Twitter to be a GREAT tool and through it have found a gentleman whose wife is battling angiosarcoma right now. In another blog I’ve connected with a fellow young widower who just lost his wife to angiosarcoma last month, and in another search, found a 20 something woman whose also battling angiosarcoma currently and SUCCEEDING.

To me, it’s encouraging to know we aren’t/weren’t the only ones battling Angiosarcoma. It’s so rare and no one has heard of us (including me up until Kev was diagnosed!) so even still, it’s hard to explain to people that it’s a cancer with little treatment options, even littler chances of survival and it’s constantly changing/evolving -you never know what this disease will strike next.

So, I guess you could say I’m the Angiosarcoma Stalker. I just hope that the more people I know, the more stories I learn about this disease, the better I, as one person, will be equiped that maybe, just maybe I can change something. I can connect people to bond together and not give up. To not believe that just because what’s known now is what will be. Because we can have hope against this disease. We absolutely can battle this-we just need to bond together to fight it. One person can’t do it all, but I feel if I can connect survivors, and those who have been left from this disease, that we can fight this. We can equip the future Angiosarcoma patients to forge on and maybe one day even win.

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