AboutBrenda Sieglitz

Brenda Lee Sieglitz is an author and public speaker whose topics focus on travel, grief, and nature. Widowed in 2008 at 24 years of age, Brenda is an advocate for sarcoma patients, the widowed community, and conservation through her volunteerism with the National Park Service, Lancaster County Conservancy, Pennsylvania Master Naturalist, Hospice of Lancaster County, Soaring Spirits International, Angiosarcoma Awareness and Highmark Caring Place. Brenda won the 2009 Associated Content “Content of the Year” award, and in 2011 was named one of Wyndham Women’s “Women on their Way”. Most recently her love and loss memoir, Ebb from the Shoreline, won 1st Place Editor’s Choice in Nonfiction at the 2014 North American Book Awards. Sieglitz holds a degree in business and became a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist in 2015. In her spare time, she adores playing with her two nieces, going on family adventures with her husband, stepdaughter and son-in-law, hiking, camping and is working to complete her bucket list dream of visiting all National Park units. Sieglitz has been married to her best friend Dave since 2013 and continues to reside in Lancaster County with their two beagles Scotch and Fina.


ShareUnfulfilled. Blocked. Depressed. Unhappy. Aimless. Unmotivated. These are the adjectives flying around my brain these days that describe myself. What is wrong with me that I can’t see the love, happiness, success, joy, and surplus that I have in my life? I constantly seek. Seek seek seek. Wanting something more: the next great job, a

Weird Times

Share These are weird times. But I’m grateful to not be alone in this. I’m amazed each day that I get to have a partner to struggle through this with. I’m happy for technology that can connect me to all of you: friends, family and people who have become both even though we’ve never met

Cruel Covid

ShareIt’s no time to be cruel. This week I unfriended someone, a true rarity for me. I’ll go to many lengths before unfriending: debating, messaging privately, snoozing, unfollowing. But there was no question this time. I’ve come close to uninstalling Facebook on my phone and logging out all weekend. It’s a Pandemic. A time that