STEEL CURTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, the Steel Curtain was DRAWN, and in big part, to an amazing touchdown from Troy Polamalu, the Steelers are headed to the superbowl. What an AMAZING game to watch. Shame for the Ravens player who got pretty injured…but I hear he’ll be ok.

As for the Hershey game, I think Kristen and I put bad spells on the Bears. It seems that, despite their #1 rating, they have lost BOTH time we’ve seen them. This time, it was even after a 2 minute overtime, and a double shootout! So disappointing. At least it was a big rivalry (between the Phiiladelphia Phantoms, the AHL team of the Flyers), so there were LOTS of good fights.

This weekend has been interesting. Good times with friends, but lots of emotions with seeing all of Kevin’s thing. I imagine that moving into my own place is going to be even more tough. We packed up our apartment when he was still living, so to unpack is going to hold lots of memories, and tough ones. It’s going to be good, but hard, to go through all the stuff again.

…I had a dream about Kevin. It was so tough-he was sick, and in a hospital type facility, and just as I cuddled up with him I woke up to my empty bed. As good as it was to hear him in my dream (and he sounded so real, just like him), it was just heartbreaking to wake up yesterday to an empty bed, and the loneliness. Any ambition I had of hitting the gym before the games started flew out the window. I was just mentally exhausted from being hit that hard emotionally. There is no way to prepare for these moments, sometimes, they just suck the life right out of you.

I am getting very excited about being out on my own two feet again. It’s frustrating apartment shopping. I guess I AM a bit picky. I’d like west end in the city, 2 br, at least one of the floors on the 1st level, and a place that takes Darrell, my cat, with his claws, and is around $600. Hard find. I know something will turn up when it’s meant to. Its just the search that gets me inpatient!

I meet with one of the prospects for a 2nd part time job in the next few days, so pray that goes well, and that it will work out around my current nannying schedule. It would really be a blessing to have that job!

Nothing too big planned for this week-working some extra hours on Wednesday, grief group therapy tomorrow night…and maybe a weekend of pretty much ALL relaxation this weekend. I figure I should start collecting boxes and packing just so it makes that much less stressful when something does turn up. Oh, the joys of moving. Anyone want to help? I’ve moved so much in the past few years, but the past move, and this one, are of something that was! beyond our control to happen. Welcome to life.

…Ps-It’s snowing and it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to start ice skating!

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